• Basic Home Network Solution

Managing Network or Setting up network can be a headache. Our Competent Network Engineer's can help with your range of issues and services. We assure you complete peace of mind.

a) Setting up Home Network :-

If you have several concerns while getting Wi-Fi in your home, we offer:

    ·Setting up a new router where you don’t need to worry about following instructions from confusing user manuals.

    ·Complete security arrangements using the latest encryption technology to prevent unauthorized usage of your Wi-Fi network.

b) Network Safety : -

If you have multiple devices linked to the Internet, including computers, laptops, gaming devices, TVs, tablets, and Smart-phones that access wireless networks, securing the network takes the priority. We provide:

    ·The right tools for all the devices and gadgets

    ·Information about the best security for your network and if you are sufficiently protected from online threats.

    ·Removal of any chance of attacks from Viruses, Trojans, Key-loggers, Spyware, Adware and others.

    ·Protection to all the open ports and connections on your routers and computers

    ·Installation of high end security as per your network requirements.

c) Security Installation :-

We undertake:

    ·Corrective measures required to secure a pre-installed software tool.

    ·Ensuring the compatibility (wrong inputs can be more damaging than having no security at all).

    ·The task of getting the right security installed on your computer without compromising computer’s speed and performance.

Basic Home Network Solution

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