• Performance Plus (MAC/Windows)

Cleaning of Windows/MAC, by Windows/MAC specialist:-

Computer infections are very common but still users have a mindset that their systems will not be attacked. Thus, we help you on every front to not let infection ruin your system. We assist you in:

  • Cleaning your computer without formatting it.
  • Making sure that it will not get infected again.
  • Removing virus through manual virus removal process

Fix Slow MAC

If the word ‘slow’ has attached itself with everything you work on the system, resolve the issues with us. We help:

  • To revamp slow browsing speed
  • To decrease the system boot time
  • To remedy the cause which is behind sudden start or shut down of the computer
  • To remove infections present in the Mac
  • To delete junk files on the system

Performance Plus (MAC/Windows)

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